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Leser søker bok (LSB) is an association working to give everyone access to good books. Our goal is a real cultural democracy.

Om oss

There is nothing wrong with people who struggle with reading, they just haven’t found the right books. People have different reading abilities, so we need books adapted to different readers.

Studies show that one in three adults have some sort of reading difficulty. This is a problem for the individual, and a major challenge for society. LSB works to provide more books for all readers, and to make them easily available.

Each year LSB develops between 12 to 15 books adapted to different types of reading difficulties in collaboration with writers, comic artists, illustrators and publishers. We have support schemes for those who want to create and publish books for people with reading difficulties.

We also collaborate with close to four hundred libraries across the country and over a thousand volunteers who read aloud to others. The libraries receive free copies of all the books we produce. The libraries and the volunteers make sure the books find their way to the right readers. The books are also catalogued and made available in our database Boksøk.no

We also search the Norwegian book market every year for books that are suitable for people with reading difficulties, and make them available in our database Boksøk.no.

We receive public funds from Nasjonalbiblioteket.  A list of our memebership organisations can be found here.

Contact information

Telephone: +47 22 54 75 00
E-mail: post@lesersokerbok.no

Wergelandsveien 29
0167 OSLO